Diane Mattiazzi

Author: Mock Webware |

I highly recommend Shawn and his team in Kamloops, and Kathleen and her team in the Langley area. Because of medical problems, my parents had to be very quickly downsized and moved out of their home of 25 years (with a total accumulation of 61 years of STUFF). Both of my parents were in hospital and not able to help with the process. Shawn and his team turned an overwhelming disaster into a nearly-painless process. Once the initial move was done with the items being kept, they organized and carried out an online estate sale for the remaining items, and then took amazing photos for the realtor. The team was so professional, and so kind, at a very overwhelming time in our lives. My parents' belongings were packed and treated with respect and care. It was also made so much easier with Kathleen and her team unpacking us in the new apartment in Surrey. I cannot say enough good things about the efficiency, courtesy and kindness of this company. They were worth every penny!!