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My parents are in their mid-eighties and were living on their own. My mother had a series of strokes and my father was doing most of the chores while maintaining their independence. Without any warning, he had a heart attack and was in the hospital and we had no idea when he would get out. Mom couldn’t stay on her own and my sister and I both live in different towns from our parents. A bit overwhelming. The good news – the lawyer, the community health nurses, the senior's advocates were very helpful, but they all kept mentioning Everything Organized. Kim and her awesome crew helped Mom and Dad downsize their home of 45 years, sell off/donate the items they didn’t need, and move into their new senior's apartment. And when I say move into their new apartment, I mean Mom and Dad spent a night in a hotel while Everything Organized moved and set up their new home; pictures hung on the walls, kitchen setup, beds made, they even put up Christmas decorations. Without Everything Organized we would still be sorting through 45 years worth of stuff and instead, Mom and Dad’s house is sold and they love their new home.