Dave and Penny Marr

Author: Mock Webware |

My husband and I recently hired Kim’s company to move my elderly uncle from his condo in Aberdeen to the Kamloops Seniors Village. My uncle, who was just short of his 95th birthday at the time, was not relishing another move as he had re-located to Kamloops from his home in Vernon just 18 months previous. In addition to this, my uncle had always been very particular when it came to getting jobs done: few people—in his mind—were thorough enough to ‘get it right the first time’. Kim and her crew not only got it right, they carried out the job with the utmost kindness, compassion, and professionalism. My uncle was delighted with the service provided and felt that he had made some special friends along the way. From our perspective they were prompt, efficient and met every deadline. We were contacted immediately whenever unforeseen problems arose and offered a practical solution. Finally we salute their honesty which has been very evident throughout our engagement. We can’t say enough good things about Kim and her wonderful staff.