Keith Aviss

Author: Mock Webware |

I would very much like to thank Kim and her "Everything Organized*" team for helping me with a very difficult transitional move of my mother, from her rather spacious townhome in Kamloops to "Berwick on The Park" a seniors facility also in Kamloops. Mom being a senior and fairly recent widow and has been having difficulties coping in regards to taking care of her home and self due to some health issues. Mom has been wanting to move into a senior facility for some time now and when this opportunity presented itself it was the obvious choice, unfortunately, when it came down to the actual move date, Mom became very distraught and confused. This is where Kim and her team stepped in and made what would have been an impossible situation into a smooth transitional move. The move started at approximately 8:30 am and by dinner, that same evening Mom had her new home set up and ready to live in, furniture in place, ornaments in place, everything in place just like home sweet home. It wasn't easy to downsize sixty years of family heirlooms and furniture from a 2400 sq. ft. home to a 622 sq. ft. home, but Kim and her team did a fantastic job and kept the things that were most precious to my Mom close at hand in her new home. I consider myself a very fussy individual, not one to give credit where credit is not due, but I can honestly say I was very happy with the service that Kim's team provided, and would highly recommend their service.