Back to School

Author: Everything Organized* |

Back to School is a challenge for all families. Getting into a routine and reacquainting ourselves with schedules and deadlines can be filled with stress. University students who are leaving home for the first time can experience multi-faceted stress on many different levels and it can be overwhelming for your grandchild.

As Grandparents, you can assist in the process in a way that parents cannot. Grandparents often get away with asking questions seeking answers that parents can only dream about. This most likely has to do with that push and pull of a parent/child relationship. Parents sometimes treat their children like they are in elementary school (without meaning to of course) and children don’t want to open up to parents for fear of being treated like children…the cycle continues, you see.

So, if you want to be involved in the process you may want to contact the parent of your grandchild and ask if there is any way you can assist with the process and offer your services in whatever way is needed. This may be by calling to check in with your grandchild once a month or perhaps taking him/her for lunch to see how they are doing. They may be more likely to fill you in if they are having trouble than if their parents inquired.

And as always, if you are in a position to offer pocket money that is always appreciated, too. The term the starving student was created for a reason.

Lastly, never forget that a care package from Grandpa &/or Grandma with little trinkets and homemade goodies are a wonderful heart warmer when your grandchild is far away from family. It can bridge the distance between visits home. The care packages including fresh chocolate chip cookies were my personal favorite!