Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will this service cost me?
  • When is the right time to start downsizing for retirement?
  • Why is my home not selling?
  • When should I start looking for a retirement residence?
  • Does it cost for a consultation?

We are Professional Organizers who have many years experience Organizing so are very efficient with our time. This is not an inexpensive service but we can also gain value for you. Are you selling your home? Call us prior to listing and we can help sell that home faster and for many for more money by getting it ready for market. Are you downsizing and have many items that can’t go to your smaller home? We can help sell items to bring in more money for you. Call for a consultation so we can get you a complimentary quote.

When you ask yourself this question. There is a lot of hard decisions when letting items go so give yourself time. For many people their interests spread the full year long so they have items to enjoy the full year and then some I’m sure. The problem is when I do my large downsizes its common that I’m getting called when the closing date is looming and they want to downsize a lifetimes amount of items in a few weeks. “Yes we can do this” but if done over a longer period many times we find more homes for the items you have gathered and normally that means more money for your items that needed to go anyway.

For many seniors when selling their final home they list and start making plans on how they are going to deal with all of their stuff. A home should be downsized and complete prior to listing a home for sale. A downsized home views much better as many buyers can’t see past the items in the home and get the wrong view of the home. There are many things people can do to help sell a home faster and for more money but most do these things after the home sells. Do it before and get paid for your efforts.

With this it depends on preferences as often there are many options but … Many of these homes can have very long waiting lists and way too often people are forced to decide and not all homes are equal so do some looking early. As the founder always said do you want to be in the driver’s seat making the decisions or in the passenger’s seat asking questions about your future.

No, if you are in the Kamloops area ½ hour consults are free and if outside the Kamloops area a travel cost will be required. We do travel so give us a call to see if this is something that will work for you or if I know of an Organizer in your area that can help you. Now why is important for me to see every situation? Every situation is different and our services are volume based as we do help the minimalists to the high volume collectors.